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Factors to Consider When Selecting your First Aid Training Provider.

First Aid Training in Kenya has become an important aspect of survival. Health risks are all around us – a fact that we have known all our lives. Walking out of the house is a risk, and as it happens all the time.  Circumstances and injuries happen when least expected, leaving us or people we care about with injuries. This brings about the growing significance of first aid training in Kenya. These training are tailored towards equipping Kenyans with the necessary skills for saving lives.

A more important aspect of first aid training in Kenya is the fact that first responders during emergencies are often ill-equipped to deal with the situation. Which often leads to an aggravation of injuries sustained by the victims.

However, with proper First Aid Training and training on emergency response, we can significantly improve the rate of survival and reduce the levels of psychological trauma on victims. This training covers topics such as how to stop bleeding and stabilizing the patient’s condition, as well as psychologically reassuring the patient that help is on the way.

There are several known experts in first aid training who have years of experience in the field. But before picking on a specific training provider, there are a number of factors that you should bear in mind.

Such factors include

  1. Your specific training requirements – Be it equipping your kindergarten staff or house manager with first aid skills that can be used in case of an emergency or training your matatu crew on what to do in cases of road accidents, or your employees on workplace emergency response.
  2. Trainers Flexibility – This is the ability of the trainer to be flexible and dynamic to meet your specific needs. This also includes the ability of the trainer to customize the content and make it specific to your industry.
  3. >DOSHS andNITA approval.

At Medswift we are experienced in a wide range of first aid training as well as fire safety. Moreover, we are also flexible in how we offer our training. You can have it in our offices or at your own premises, at home, school or church, all at a great price.


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