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Learn how to perform First Aid In children and babies. As a parent, we are always worried about our children safe. We want our children to be safe all the time. Children are prone to many accidents that can be fatal, for example, children are more prone to choking than adults are, and they are prone to injuries such as bleeding while in the playground, chocking and nose bleeding.

Due to this fact, parents and caregivers should have basic knowledge of how to perform first aid to children for various emergencies.

Here is a small guideline on how to perform first aid on children.

First Aid for Nose Bleeding in children.

  • Pinch the soft part of the nose and ask the child to lean forward, pinching the soft part of the nose helps to clot the blood while leaning forward prevents the blood from flowing to the stomach which can cause choking. While doing this, ask the child to breathe through the mouth and spit any blood in the mouth.
  • Continue doing the same for approximately 10-15 min until nose bleeding stops
  • If bleeding continues seek medical attention.

It is advisable to seek further medical attention in the following situations.

  • If the bleeding continues for more than 15 minutes
  • If the child has signs or has been disguised with anemia
  • If the child is taking blood-thinning medications or has a clotting disorder
  • If it’s a child below two years
  • If you regularly experience nose bleeding it is advisable to seek medical attention.
pediatric first aid training

Pediatric First Aid Training

First aid for cut and injuries on fingers.

Injuries on fingers are among the most common form of injuries that children have. Children are exposed to may sharp objects without their guardian’s knowledge. These injuries can vary from small cuts to wounds that damaged tendons and ligaments. All the items needed to deal with cuts and burns can be found in a first aid kit.

What to do in case of a cut on the finger.

  • Stop the bleeding- start by pressing a sterile dressing on the wound, apply direct pressure to stop the bleeding.
  • Raise the support of the injured finger and keep applying pressure until bleeding stops
  • When the bleeding stops cover the wound with a clean and adhesive dressing, if the wound is larger use a larger dressing wound, then, secure it with a tubular gauze bandage.
  • Seek further medical attention if necessary.

First aid for Chocking in Children check our previous article on chocking. 


I hope you have learnt on how to perform First Aid in children and babies. As safety for our children is paramount to our happiness, it is advisable to ensure that you or the caregivers are equipped with the necessary first aid skills necessary to handle such emergencies. At Medswift, we offer first aid training for caregivers (pediatric first aid) as well as basic first aid training.  In addition to that, we sell first aid kits that are fully customized for homes, schools and even cars. We are your one-stop-shop for all your safety needs.

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