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swimming pool safety precautions

Swimming pool precautions

Swimming is one of the best ways that one can exercise. It is fun, low impact and cost-effective. Apart from exercising, it can be an activity for families to bond or even for your children to enjoy with their friends.

Many families go for swimming over the weekends. This culture has also been adopted by schools where they have swimming classes for children to learn swimming. This is a good skill for children to learn. However, having a swimming pool is a huge responsibility. If you have a backyard swimming pool, it is your responsibility to ensure that you safeguard it. If you take your children for swimming then it is also your responsibility to make sure that your children are safe when swimming.

Here are some swimming pool safety guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your pool is safe.

1. Use safety float lines to indicate where the deep end starts. Also, make sure that you have installed guard rail around the pool.

2. Make sure that the pool is clean and well maintained. Repair broken ladders and replace equipment as soon as they wear out.

3. Teach children what to do in case of an emergency and caution them against playing rough games while swimming.

4. Ensure that the pool is constructed by a licensed contractor and all electrical installation is done well for it can be a source of electric shock.

5. Always ensure that there is an adult supervising when children go swimming. This applies both in family swimming time as well as school swimming sessions

6. Caution the children against running around the swimming pool for they can trip and fall

7. Build a fence around it and a gate that is closed. Building a fence around the pool will prevent the children from swimming without adult supervision.

8. Always have a first aid kit nearby and ensure that the children and anyone watching them is trained on first aid and CPR in case an emergency occurs. 

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